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We offer custom graphics, coding and theme design for iRacings 2 main overlays systems, ATVO and iRtvo.


ATVO is a user friendly custom theming api for iRacing that allows you to see in real time the edits that you are making. ATVO is being constantly improved and worked on by a very good group of coders who listen to the users and implement new and exciting things.

iRtvo is a older non updated system for designing broadcast overlays. It is not very user friendly but those with a nack for coding seem to bring the best features out of this dated product.


Here are some of the things we offer.


Fox 2015 Rev.4 Theme Fox 2015 Theme        old Club Logos Long (low res.)       
RSR Theme F1 Theme Club Logo Long (hi res.)
RSR 2 Class Ticker Theme Track ini (required for all track image packs) Club Logo Square
       Cars Car Logo(clear background)             Car ini (required for all car image packs)      Plaques (number plates)
Cars (boxed)   iRtvo 1.3.0 RC 11 b (required and latest/last)    
Tracks (boxed) Theme Reference  
  Track images (requires track ini)  
  Car Images (requires car ini)  
  Car Logos Png (requires car ini)  


  • ATVO Release Notes 1.10

    Release Notes Version 1.10 

    - Added support for new 'Interface' script types (.NET scripts only). Letting your Script class implement IScript interface makes execution time slightly faster. Old-type scripts will work, no changes are required. 
    - Added support for measuring script execution time (all script types). Enable the 'Measure execution time' property of the script. Execution time is output to the theme log or when using the Test button in the editor. 
    - Changed Pit data set to return drivers that have been in the pits in the last 10 seconds, and exclude drivers that are no longer in the world. 
    - Added ability to choose any Image in your Theme as the Overlay Editor Background image. 

    Bug fixes: 
    - Fixed a crash when using text outlines. 
    - Fixed a problem with tickers adding empty elements at the end when using a Data Offset other than 0. 
    - Fixed a bug where the script Test button in the editor returned the wrong value. 
    - Fixed a bug where empty lines in a spreadsheet were ignored. 
    - Fixed a bug where final lap text would show up during gridding. 
    - Fixed a buh where data would not update during the final lap. 

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  • ATVO Release Notes 1.9

    Release Notes Version 1.9 

    - Spreadsheets can now be used as Data Sets. Data is returned in the Sort order of the Spreadsheet, where the Data Offset is the row number. 
    - Spreadsheet data can now be sorted on a specific column. You can specify the Sort Column Index and the Sort Direction in the Spreadsheet properties. This is only useful when you're using the Spreadsheet as a Data Set. At this time, the sorting algorithm tries to sort the data as numeric data if all rows in the sort column are integers. If there is any row that is not an integer, the data is sorted as strings (meaning "10" comes before "2"). 
    - Add new 'Custom' delimiter option for Spreadsheets. When selecting 'Custom' delimiter, you have to set the 'Delimiter Text' property which will then be used as the delimiter. 
    - Labels will now compress or stretch their text if necessary also in the Theme Editor. Previously the compression was only visible when running the theme in ATVO, now you can also see it in the Editor. 
    - Add Stretch and Stretch Direction properties to Label to control how the contents are stretched or compressed. The default values (Stretch to Fill and Direction to DownOnly) will only compress the text (never stretch it out), but you can control the behaviour with these two properties. 
    - Add 'OneToGreen' event trigger which should trigger when there is one more pace lap to go and the pace car lights go out. 

    Bug fixes: 
    - Fix bug where no sim data was obtained in sessions using the Ford GT 2017 or Ferrari 488 GTE cars. 
    - Fixed a bug where Max Height and Max Width where not applied correctly. 
    - Fixed a bug where laps could fail to be marked as 'under caution', potentially messing up session time estimation.

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