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Welcome to iBog.co

We are you #1 Source for all of your iRacing broadcast overlay graphics.

We offer custom graphics, coding and theme design for iRacings 2 main overlays systems, ATVO and iRtvo.


ATVO is a user friendly custom theming api for iRacing that allows you to see in real time the edits that you are making. ATVO is being constantly improved and worked on by a very good group of coders who listen to the users and implement new and exciting things.

iRtvo is a older non updated system for designing broadcast overlays. It is not very user friendly but those with a nack for coding seem to bring the best features out of this dated product.


Here are some of the things we offer.




Fox 2015 Rev.4 Theme Fox 2015 Theme        old Club Logos Long (low res.)        Master Source Files
RSR Theme F1 Theme Club Logo Long (hi res.) irAmbience 0.9.2 Beta
RSR 2 Class Ticker Theme Track ini (required for all track image packs) Club Logo Square  
       Cars Car Logo(clear background)             Car ini (required for all car image packs)      Plaques (number plates)  
Cars (boxed)   iRtvo 1.3.0 RC 11 b (required and latest/last)      
Tracks (boxed) Theme Reference    
  Track images (requires track ini)    
  Car Images (requires car ini)    
  Car Logos Png (requires car ini)    


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